Under Pressure Plumbing is fully experienced with high and low-rise condominiums. By servicing, and replacing risers, boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, drains and more, UPP focuses on the complete service package.

Our knowledgable staff can meet and surpass all your expectations. Our clientele consist of numerous property management and development companies.

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

From start to finish, we are able to offer complete plumbing installation and servicing. UPP has a great reputation working with commercial and industrial buildings including McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, Fionn Maccool’s, KFC, Starbucks, and more.

Custom Homes

Similar to condominiums, UPP is fully experienced with custom homes for both new builds and servicing. We offer a wide variety of services from complete plumbing installation to leak and drain repairs.

Boiler Rooms

Under Pressure Plumbing offers end to end servicing with boiler rooms. From design to build of a boiler room, we ensure to create the most efficient product. In addition to new builds, we service both our boiler rooms builds and existing boiler room builds.

Grease Traps

We are certified by the Ministry of Environment which enables us to haul and dispose grease trap waste. Experience with both servicing and nstalling grease traps include McDonald’s, Aroma Espresso, KFC and more.

Water Filtration Installation

We are fully certified to install and service water filtration systems. Whether it be water analysis or a complete install, UPP delivers the highest customer expectation. Some of our customers include numerous restaurants from McDonald’s to Starbucks.

Video Inspection

Video inspection is beneficial to ensure that the drains are functioning properly which can help us determine whether the drains are cracked, separated, collapsed, deteriorating etc. This can allow us to resolve and locate the problematic areas to ensure the proper repair.

Volume Power Flushing

From electrical to gas powered units, Under Pressure is able to completely service interior and exterior drains to ensure they are brought back to their original sizing. We provide semi-annual and annual maintenance packages.

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